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This recipe hails from Fruli Venezia and is wonderful starter or mezze for Christmas Eve and / or New Years Eve ...


Ingredients ... 8 people ...


6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil


2 garlic cloves ( subjective ... )


2 pounds freshly caught large or medium large prawns deveined, peeled however, with tails intact ...


1/2 cup freshly packed finely chopped basil leaves


 2 tblsps Marjoram herb fresh if you can get it or use dried and crumbled


2 tblsps parsley finely chopped and fresh


2 guindillas = tiny cayenne peppers used for red pepper flakes, however Fresh Chili peps

or Hungarian paprika piquant as equivalent


salt and black pepper freshly grounded


1/2 cup semi fruity white wine from Venezia D.O.


1) heat oil in heavy large skillet over medium heat

2) add garlic and sauté until golden 2 mins.

3) increase heat to medium high

4) add prawns and herbs and sauté until pinky coral about 1 minute

5) stir in the red pepper chili pepper

6) add white wine

7) cook and cover 3 minutes

8) U can spoon over pasta or macaroni of choice ( I use Italian brands only )


*** serve with warm Italian bread and / or Gristini and breadsticks and Prosecco or Venetian appellation white wine ...