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Chicago Rental Space

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HELP! Does anyone know of a Chicago rental kitchen space for $15/hour? I am expanding my business as a personal chef/caterer, but I can not sustain the normal $25/hour rates at places like Kitchen Chicago. Does anyone know of a decent profession kitchen not in use M-F morning/afternoon hours? I was even thinking about church kitchens, as well as using extra space in a bakery or school. THoughts?


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Healthy Cook, did you ever get an answer to your question? I'm beginning research and looking around for an affordable alternative for commercial kitchen use. I will be opening a part time catering business, and being part time, the lease rates for those Kitchen Chicago type places is out of reach.


I'm looking to sign an agreement for weekend use of a commercial kitchen that would include either an hourly rate around $15/hr or some sort of profit sharing commission based payment system. I'm in the Crest Hill area of Chicagoland. If there's anyone with any leads or has a commercial kitchen they're willing to talk about this arrangement, please reach out! Thanks.

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rgauthier20420 - 


How about you? Did you ever find anything other than Kitchen Chicago in the city? I'm currently in the same predicament you mention above... This is tough!


Any help is much appreciated :)


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