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private or personal chef in London

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Hi All How are you guys

new to the ChefTalk


1st things i like to ask

has anyone is or ever being a private or personal before?

i need more information ...\thanks all

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I am a private chef and I live and work in the Algarve, Portugal I have been a chef in restaurants for 10 years and now I have been a private chef for 6 years.


I love my work and I really enjoy meeting new clients and people.


There is not as much pressure as there is in the restaurants I became a private chef as I had to have two hip operations and I am a young 35.


I have my second op in Dec this year, It has been very hard to get my clients I advertised and mail shot but had not much response.


I started getting bookings and after this friends of my clients then started booking me.


Word of mouth is my main source of advertising and now I am always booked one year in advance which is totally amazing feeling to be in.


I do not have any help neither do I employ anyone else apart from waiters or bar persons upon request, I did employ some chefs but they started to poach clients by undercutting my prices.


I cater for all types of clients families, couples, celebrities, pro footballers and many more types of people.


My cuisines started off as fine dining but now most of my clients enjoy good healthy fresh foods as most say to me that they mostly eat in Michelin star restaurants all the time.


So when they are away on holiday they just like relaxed dining, I am make sure that the relaxed dining is presented to the highest standard all the time.


I also travel a lot with my clients which can be a little lonely sometimes I always make good research to where I can buy the best produce.


I will never go back to working in a restaurant as I love my work as a private chef.


I hope that this helps it is only a small piece of info into what I do.



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Dear Massimiliano



Thanks for your reply,

To be honest, I was suffering from depression and exhausted from the stressful kitchen work, can really complain because I am doing the job I am passion and enjoy, but not enjoy with some selfish character and also may be the same reason like you.

The reason of looking for private chef simply because, I able to plan my own menu and managing myself with flexibility of the work I suppose.

By the way do you know any good website or any good recruitment agency you could recommend, I am sorry to ask you that, I hope you can help out


Thanks a lot 


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