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What's goin on guys? New here

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It's an awesome thing to be in tune with others that do the same thing you do every single day.  That's why I'm excited and grateful to be a part of this forum.

I am a twenty year old kid currently working in two different kitchens and loving it all.  When I was fourteen my parents wanted to instill a certain value of work ethic in me and it's safe to say they got what they wanted.  I started bussing tables at a country club fridays, saturdays and sundays at 14 and slowly moved up to making salads and dessert dishes.  Once I turned 16 and could legally work a dishmachine I got stuck doing that for a short while until I proved a few months later that I could pass as a decent enough short order cook for slower golf course league nights and events.  I did that through high school, not really enjoying it finding it extremely stressful but I got quick and honed some pretty good multi-tasking skills.  At 18 I moved up to working on a line for a bit finer quality brunch and got a job doing prep work at a fine dining mediterranean place.  Since then, at the same place, I have worked under two different executive chefs with different styles and I have gotten quite good at watching and learning and taking different things from each one and incorporating it into my own cooking.  That has helped me move through four different promotions to where I now stand.. a current Sous "Chef" at the same mediterranean place.  It's amazing.. and I now see future doors opening based on experience.  I currently don't go to school although I have two years of credits from a cc.. do I go to school? do I continue working my butt off in a couple different kitchens at a time?  This is my current life.


I'm excited to grab tips and add my own if at all relevant and it will be nice reading around.

hope I didn't bore anyone,

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Welcome to ChefTalk where you will find many food fanatics amongst the membership!


Our members are from around the globe (I'm Scots, for example) and all levels of culinary ability, from those just starting out through to masterchefs. Lots of topics and even more opinions, which makes for interesting reading, that's for sure!


The wikis, blogs, articles, reviews and photographs here are all well worth taking time to view.  There is a culinary students' forum, where you can talk to those who are either attending college, intending to do so AND, more importantly, some of the members who are presently working as chefs or lecturers at culinary schools.


Feel free to join in on any thread you find of interest, or start your own in the relevant forum.  There are also three fora for Professionals, ie those currently working in a culinary capacity.  They are read-only for those, like me, who do not fall into that category!


Hope to see you around the boards!

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