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This is a lovely holiday appetiser and palate opener ... 

One can substitute langoustines or prawns instead of Lobster ...


Serves 4.


100g almonds

300g mineral still water

15g Jerez Vinegar

3 garlic cloves minced

15g of 1 day old baguette

2 fresh lobsters


1) mix all above ingredients in food processor ( except lobster )

2) prepare to chill for 12 hours 

3) add salt, extra virgin olive oil and mix 3 times and then chill in refrig.

4) take 200g white garlic, 100g of honeydew and blend well and chill this concoction

5) take 500 g of lobster and slithered almonds and chive ribbon cut in pieces, and place as garnish on top of the Gazpacho ...


Red, white and Green all set this starter for the holiday season ahead ...


Serve with Cava, Prosecco and / or an Albarino or Sauvignon Blanc ...