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Amezaiku candy art

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the site and have a question that I hope someone can answer.

Heard of amezaiku? http://www.amezaiku.com/amezaiku.htm there's also awesome videos on youtube, though not many good ones.

Ever since I saw this I've been trying to research more about it. I'm very interested in practicing this at home. Is this a good idea?

I'm also not sure if it's done with a normal hard sugar recipe or taffy or something different.

I'm a student going for pastry art but I haven't gotten to the part with sculpting or sugar art yet. I've been looking this stuff up but I'm still having trouble finding what's the best way to experiment with amezaiku.

The tools seem pretty clear as to what they are and the function, but are some options better than others?

I really would appreciate any advice!


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hello, I was wondering if you ever did find the amezaiku recipe as I myself am looking for it at the moment..

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