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This enormous sun drenched southern region of France is famous for its salt and oil cured anchovies, mussels, oysters, chestnuts, candied violets, rice, Roquefort blue cheese, and escargots in addition to their red wines, garlic, aubergine and fish stews. Rose de Lautrec Garlic is so beloved by the French officials and Government that it has become an appellation.




Serves 2 ...


4 tblsps extra virgin olive oil from Northern Catalonia or Southern France

two 8 ounce sea bass fillets one inch thick

12 large garlic cloves

1 sprinkle of fresh chopped thyme to palate

3 tblsps of fresh lemon juice

3 tblsps fresh chopped chives and green scallions or Spring onions


1. heat 2 tblsps oil in heavy large non stick skillet over medium high heat

2. season fish with salt and freshly grinded blk pepper

3. saute until cooked through 8 mins. or so

4. add remaining 2 tblsps of oil, garlic and thyme and cook garlic until golden, 4 mins.

5. Add lemon juice and simmer until sauce thickens

6. season to taste with salt

7. spoon sauce over garlic and thyme over fish

8. sprinkle with chives and scallion


Serve with a French white wine and warm baguette or Champagne or Cava.


*** This recipe was given to me by: Jean Francois Tournié - Garlic Farmer.