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Starting out at 29

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Hi all,


I am interested to know whether anyone could offer any advice to a 29 year old looking to start training towards becoming a chef.


I have been passionate about the catering industry since I can remember, yet I find myself 10 years into a career in insurance. I have a young family and can not afford to give up my job and start working on a low salary. So how do I get myself into a better position? or is it simply too late and something I should of started when I left school?


Any advice will be welcome


Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


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Ive heard hotels tend to pay better than independently owned and operated places. But if you are just starting out I would not expect an awesome wage. If you do not have a culinary degree you would most likely start in the dishpit or as a prep cook. Even if you do have a culinary degree i's possible you would be started at prep. If you show enthusiasm and a keen desire to move up the chef will notice.


The keys to moving up in a kitchen are to be constantly aware of whats going around you and to take little mental notes. Ask questions even if it gets you yelled at, cause getting yelled and doing it right is better than getting yelled at for incompetency. Stay later than your shift requires and ask for things that you can help out with. More often than not there will be something. It shows drive and all that jazz. Expect long hours, physical exhaustion and lower than normal pay. The payoff is huge though. (In my opinion)


I would suggest reading Gillian Anderson's Out Of The Frying Pan. She was in her early 30s and going through a divorce, yet she still pulled through and came out on top. Last I heard she owns and runs her own place.



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I think chef BoyarG had great advice. I used to keep a small notebook and wrote lots of notes. Find a place that might need help on the weekends. Most, if not all chefs have been in your position so shop around and you'll find a good one. Don't be discouraged by chefs that turn you down. There are many reasons this might happen, so don't take it personally. I love sharing what I know with someone who is passionate or "has the disease" as I call it.

Good luck!

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that is difficult your question!


then ou do not make enough selling in insurance and can not sustain your family!.


to jump one job to the next on point of skill it is extremely difficult!/.


a lack of skill on subject/. must say that selling inssurances is ceratinly exytremely borin gand catering a bit more entertaining and fruitfull. on knowledges and pleasing people if the skill or the will is their.


not thinking to make quick bucks is the obvious wrong idea to think so!.


at the end no one is like Gordon ramsey who like to illuminate its profile with lots of lies and strong and wrong behavoiurs and having tendiencing to send people or take people to suicide.

ok at the end of day it is just a footballler who just use is entourage. with no other skills!.



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