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By Margcata


This pugnacious appearing sea creature, large with a prehistoric head and mottled charcoal grey skin inhabits the waters of the Iberian Peninsula. Its prepared in uncountable ways and is called the poor man's lobster. It is a delicacy baked with a simple sauce and is rarely baked whole due to its dinosaurus look ...


Serves 4 ...


One pound and a half of Monkfish chopped by Fishmonger into 4 slabs

1 lemon for juice

salt and white pepper

2 cloves garlic minced

one and a half tblsps of blanched almonds

1 tblsp pinenuts

3 tblsps extra virgin olive oil

1 large onion sliced

2 large tomatoes, seeded, sliced and peeled

30g fresh bread crumbs from baguette or chapata

1 tblsp sweet paprika or La Vera Pimenton

a small pinch of saffron threads


1. place the fish slabs side by side in a greased baking dish of clay earthenware and sprinkle with salt and wht pep and a drizzle of lemon juice

2. cover with aluminum foil and bake in 375 degree F oven or 170 degree C oven 10 minutes

3. saute the garlic, almonds, pinenuts in olive oil until golden

4. fry onion until golden and drain and then grind to a paste ... the onions ...

5. saute the tomatoes until tender and add bread crumbs and paprika and any liquid from the earthenware in which the monkfish was cooked in

6. Mix well the nuts, garlic, onions, tomatoes with breadcrumbs mixtures and stir in the saffron threads in a bit of hot water.

7. spread lightly over the fish and bake another 15 to 18 minutes ...


serve with a white wine, my selection would be a Chardonnay or a CAVA BRUT RESERVA or light red wine of choice if u wish and warm baguette