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By.. Margcata.


Recognizing Kokotxas at your fishmonger, they are these pearly grey, gelatinous morsels the size of a large oyster ... They hail from the throat of the cod fish or hake and in the Basque Country, especially on La Concha Beach in San Sebastian, they are a delicacy, which is a manjar in Spanish. There are several ways to prepare them simply including Pil Pil in olive oil with chili pepper flakes or in Green Sauce.


Appetiser for 2 ...


650g Kokotxas

4 cloves garlic

two and a half tblsps chopped parsley fresh

two and a half tblsps extra virgin olive oil

250g small clams on half shell cleaned

200g fresh green peas


1. place the kokotxas in a sauce pan with water to half cover

2. cover tightly and simmer 8 to 10 mins.

3. remove from pan and scrape off skin

4. seta aside and reserve the liquid

5. saute garlic lightly in olive oil and add parsley, peas and clams ... cook 2 to 3 mins.

6. add enough of the reserved liquid and thoroughly cover

7. cover and cook until peas tender, and the sauce thickens 7 mins

8. just reheat kokotxas 1 to 2 mins


Serve as appetiser and serve with Txacoli, Basque white wine which is a very delicate aromatic white