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By: Margcata


Has anybody had some lovely Cava during the holidays that wishes to share what they enjoyed and with what they sipped it with ?


Here are the best 12 Cavas at reasonable prices ...


1) Cava Juve y Camps Gran, Reserva or Brut Nature


2) Torello Reserva Brut Nature


3) Alsina & Sardá Reserva Brut


4) Marrugat Reserva Brut Nature


5) Ferret Brut Nature Reserva


6) Sumarroca Reserva Brut Nature


7) Vallformosa Gran Reserva


8) Segura Viudas Brut Vintage


9) Sumarroca Cava Pinot Noir Rosat ... Lovely Strawberry Watermelon color ...

( could be a lovely sipping sparkling wine for desserts )


10) Parxet Reserva Brut


11) Gran Codorníu Gran Reserva


Anybody, have any other Cavas to add to the list ?