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I'm playing around with a bit of charcuterie and thought I'd give home made pancetta a shot.  The weather is cool here and I have a large screen porch, so I have a window of time before it becomes my walk in freezer for the winter.  Anyone have a recipe that they particularly like?  I have one batch going now that is just salt, sugar, thyme and peppercorns (basically the Babbo guanciale recipe).  It is currently drying on the porch.  No nitrites in this batch.  I see a number of published and internet recipes do use "curing salt." I do have Cure #1 available since I make other stuff from time to time and I'm not averse to using it in minimal quantities.  Anyone care to venture an opinion on using or not using curing salt for this?  How is it traditionally done in Italy?  if this works out, the next step will be guanciale.