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Working Interview Questions

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Hi, I have a working interview tomorrow, and I have a problem. It is a french speaking kitchen, and I unfortunately do not speak it. Whatever I learned years and years ago is all but forgotten.

Am I setting myself up for disaster? I'll do it regardless if not for a different experience or a funny story for later, but seriously what am I getting myself into?
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Sounds as if you have gotten yourself into quite the pickle. Go find a store that sells Rosetta Stone and start right away! Ha, no only kidding. If you go into the interview being honest in your lack of language skills, but show that your kitchen skills are strong you might still have a chance.


In my opinion the last thing you want to do is pretend you know French, only to have it later blow up in your face.

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"Mother Nature is the true artist, the Chef is merely the technician"


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Yes. I agree with Cheftux. Tell the interviewer honestly that you can't speak French than pretending.

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If you really know your stuff and perform like a true pro your language barrier will work itself out when you are hired. Good luck.

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Aw just give it a shot.  :)  You might even learn some French.

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Much to my disappointment, on the morning I was supposed to go in I got a call from the sous stating that due to the visa situation (Im american and the kitchen is in canada) I dont fall under the restaurant's insurance policy and can't try it out without opening them up to a lot of potential liability.

Back to the drawing board, there are some places in NY that I like as well, but can I take the same approach in the city that I have done thus far? By that I mean showing up at the restaurant around 230 and asking to speak briefly with the chef and to give him my resume.

Is showing up unannounced a bad idea? I just know how emails get lost and are pretty ineffective in displaying yourself.

Im planning on going to the city early tomorrow so any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Sorry that happened to you but I know through experience myself that what you went through was a set up.

If a place REALLY wanted you they would have gone through the hoops with border patrol and got you a working visa.

It happens all the time.

My boss does it every summer.

That place probably used a local over having to do the paper work for you. Best of luck.

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So without much delay I have decided to go for NYC.


Only thing I'd like to know, is being from out of state, how should I set up a talk with someone?  I'd like to get it done in a day since I can't easily go back and forth.  I'm looking for a commis position in a fine dining environment so can I just show up between lunch and dinner when the kitchen is closed and ask to speak with someone?  I'm just wary that sending a request through email would be ineffective.  


Advice would be appreciated!  Thanks

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I think you should just walk in like you planned. What could they say? "NO"? You don't have a gig now, so you're none the worse off. If they say "YES, come on in", all the better for you. 

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I agree with IceMan.  While I was job hunting recently, I walked into several places during their down-time hours and was able to speak with someone almost every time.  I even got a second interview fairly quickly after that as well, so it seemed to work for me.  Granted, I was not in NYC (I was in Binghamton, NY) but they were all fine dining restaurants.

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