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By. Margcata


Sturgeon hails from the rivers in Granada's Alpujarras the Sierra of Granada * and is a delectable variety ... Would anyone like to share their recipes for this fish variety ... Is this a common variety in the Northwest of the USA ...



This recipe was first created by Chef Ernesto Hinojal in Madrid 's Hotel Bauza Restaurant in the retail therapy neighborhood of Goya.


Serves 6 to 8 ...


1.5 Kilos of fresh river sturgeon

9 oz. fresh spinach leaves

2 oz. shelled hazelnuts

olive oil

sherry vinegar

200ml mineral water

2 cloves garlic

1 bunch fresh parsley

2 limes * if you prefer lemon, use lemon

Black Linguini or Fettucini Italian Pasta


1. For hazelnut vinaigrette, toast the nuts in the oven and then boil them in mineral water.

2. Add the vinegar to the water.

3. Prepare a dressing salsa with the crushed garlic, parsely, oil, hazelnuts and lime juice in a bowl.

4. cook the pasta to instructions and drain, and then set aside to keep warm.

5. Lightly grill the fillets of sturgeon in olive oil * extra virgin Spanish or Italian

6. Blanch the spinach

7. Plate arranging ... Place the spinach on plate alongside of the curled pasta. Add the fish fillet and drizzle the vinaigrette both on the salad, and on side of the plate, like a smear of paint.

8. Serve with a Chardonnay and warm baguette.