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Dicey Knife

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I am looking for a knife to use specifically for slicing, dicing and chopping small quantities of garlic, shallots and small chili peppers, mushrooms and maybe the occasional small onion.  I'm just a Joe that cooks at home and I use the above ingredients quite often.


My go-to knife is a 10" Forschener but I like the feel of a smaller knife for the above tasks.  Four, five and six inch paring knives feel too small and awkward in my large hands.  Currently,  I use a Sabatier 6" Chef's knife.  I like the height of the Sabatier and that I can rock the knife.  The down side of the Sabatier is that it is thick and has a finger guard.


So, is there a full tang-ed Japanese Carbon knife in the 6" range, maybe something between a paring and gyuto, which has a bit of height and is thin and not too flexible and is no more than 100 bucks? 


I am proficient at free-hand sharpening and my usual sharpening shtick is a Red DMT(dry),  an 80 year old Arkansas stone(kerosene and oil) followed up by some sort of dark brown ceramic stone(maybe a Spyderco). 


I understand that I will have to retool to water-stones and another honing stick.  Something like a 1000 and 6000 grits?


I thank you all in advance for helping me spend some money.



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If you can live with carbon and an obviously inexpensive wa handle, Tojiro shirogami 165mm santoku ($40).  If you can't, Tojiro DP 170mm santoku ($70), or possibly the Tojiro DP nakiri (also $70). 


I'm not a personal fan of any santoku or nakiri, nor of the DP series or just about any cladded knife.  But these three knives are, each in its own way, are so exactly what you're seeking there's not much reason to look further.


They're all available online, at their best prices, from Chefs Knives to Go.


Good luck,


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Thank you for your advice.  I traded in a Wustoff santoku for a 10 inch chef's knife.  I'm looking for someting a little more pointy.  I saw this knife but I'm not familiar with that type of handle.  I like the geometry and the reviews of this knife,


Robert, in a review said, "The tip is sharpened for things like superfine dicing of garlic and the blade can rock but also chop flat. Perfect solution for the in between paring,and gyuto zone,although in a pinch it can work as either.Great all purpose knife in the 150mm range..."

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A little handle heavy, but manageable in the 5" length.  Not as impressed with the 6" model (gave it away already).  If you are looking for a petty, as opposed to a small gyuto, this is pretty decent and a real steal as far as price goes.  Henckel's first real foray into J Knives.

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You said you wanted "a bit of height."  The Moritaka petty is a knuckle buster.  So, no.



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