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locating gold label yeast

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I have had a problem with challa rising want to try some of the gold label yeast.  Having an awful time locating it.  I looked online and with shipping it comes to around $13 for a 1 lb bag.  I usually pay around $3-4 for the red so this is really a lot just to try it.  Anyone know of any big box stores that might carry it?  Or online with resonabler shipping... a 1 lb pkg shouldnt be that much. 

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SAF Gold Label Instant Yeast - $5.99


This is the same stuff we use at school in a 1 lb package.


I am not sure were you live and since I live in the USA , I useally assume every one else does, there in "Ogden, UT 84405

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How much sugar do you use in your challah?  More than a 1/2 cup of sugar/honey per 5 cups of flour?  Gold wants a baker's percentage of at least 10%. 


The first thing I'd do is explain to a bakery what you're trying to do and ask them for a quarter cup or so, enough to try out a couple of batches.  They'll probably charge you a mere pittance, and less -- half a bagatelle perhaps -- if you have a cup of tea and a poppy-seed hamentashen while you're there. 


You can get it (yeast, not a hamentash) from KAF if all else fails.  Fold it in with a large order so you can spread the shipping costs around. 


I've never had trouble making Challah with regular Red Label, and wonder if your problem isn't something else -- like not enough moisture.  What with the egg, sugar, and fat Challah dough should be pretty slack. 



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