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Knife ID

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Found a 10" Dexter, an old F-Dick fine cut steel and an unidentified, no marks to be found on it, heavy duty 12" with a broken tip at the swap meet.


The Dexter is very thin and flexible and the unknown is very thick and stiff.


Both are carbon steel and could the 12" be an old Sabatier? The bolster and profile are very French. Need a different pic just say so.




BTW the break...



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Looks like it could possibly, maybe be a Sabatier chef de chef made for the export, Canadian market.  Other than the broken tip, it doesn't appear to have much wear on it. 



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Thanks BDL.


It had gotten rained on recently and had many orange rust spots developing so I had to scrub and polish it down. Both it and the Dexter have high spots that need leveling so they have seen lots of use.


It has a thick spine about 3/8th of an inch near the handle.



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