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I hate to admit it but I have been trying to get back into the workforce for almost an entire year now and to say the least I'm at the point to where I'm wondering if I will ever get a job, ever place I go to says the same thing "We can take your application but we aren't really hiring right now".


I have been applying to a lot of places online ie.. sending E-Mails and faxing and for the most part never hear back from them or it turns out to be a scam, and the ones that I do manage to get an interview with usually says something like "We have a few more people to interview but we will call you and let you know one way or another"  .... and suprise suprise I never hear back from them.


I have 15+ years working in the field of electronics and to be perfectly honest I'm at the point to where I would be willing to work at a McDonalds (please forgive me).


Is there any of you other guys out there that have run into something similar?