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Hot Cocoa Mix

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Hey all! Years ago I made an instant hot cocoa mix and can't find the recipe. I want to make it again for the holidays but the only recipes I see online use powdered dairy creamer. I don't remember ever using that and would prefer not to, but I'm stumped as to a alternative. I usually use a really good cocoa powder, powdered milk, confectioners or superfine sugar and probably some espresso powder.


Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.



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The recipe I use is for a dark coco but it works very well.Try using abuelita chocolate mixed together with a dark coco powder (70%) for a rich flavor. You can add other spices (nutmeg/cardamom) depending on how exciting you would like it to taste. Add steamed milk to the mix and you have one savory chocolate drink.

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Thanks for the tip, Chefcam. I didn't think to use Abuelita and will give it a try.

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