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Im a chef in east texas at a family run small restaurant. Im only 26 and they hired me because of my 2 years of fine dining and my 9 months of executive chef/kitchen manager experience. They "said" that the reason they brought me in was to help them find ways to save money, organize the kitchen, create specials, and get the existing cook (one is 16, the other 17, and the daughter of the owner 25 none of which with any real kitchen experience) up to speed and set a standard. 


    The problem im running into is any time i bring up any sort of "constructive criticism" they complain and take it as a personal dis to them. Alot of the food is frozen, i have pissed the daughter off so much that they have literally stopped allowing me to do fresh food specials and have gone back to their microwaving frozen food ways. 


    Im still controlling over cooked / burned food / under cooked products from reaching the customers and business has picked up since i have arrived there. But i still get this feeling that it is a lost cause...


  Any tips on a different way to approach them with out getting fired or should i just accept defeat and start shopping around for another chef job?  


any advice would be appreciated.



Chef dylan.