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Your favorite beef ribs sauce/jus?

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Looking for a good sauce/jus or baste for some beef ribs. What do you chefs like the best and how do I make it?


What about for pork or pork ribs?


thanks in advance.



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btw doesnt have to necessarily  have to be a Beef rib sauce, what do you do for prime rib or steaks or other beef dishes to make beef outstanding or wonderful?

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My brother in Q,


I posted a recipe for "Basic Barbecue Sauce" today in the Recipe thread for you. 



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Thank you very much BDL, looks like a sauce I will most certainly be trying out. Really wanting a non bbq sauce though, more like a natural baste that will add juiciness and flavor too.

btw I just bought that Peterson book "Sauces" yesterday and just skimmed through the sauces, very good info but am currently asking what you chefs like personally or what you use in your kitchens or homes.


Gracias amigos

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Besides the basic barbecue sauce in the recipe, I do a lot of plays on stock/wine, aromatics and herbs; usually with some sort of butter finish if it's going to the table.  Sometimes these are structured with tomato paste, sometimes not.  These sauces are often takes on demi-glace based classics, sometimes not.  Sometimes I do use demi-glace but am not as regular about keeping my stock up as I should be.   We go through a lot Worcerstershire sauce, and a fair amount of Maggi.


Are chutneys and compotes sauces?  Relishes?  They definitely aren't mops.  Different ones work with different meats. 


I mop fish, pork and poultry with maple syrup, butter and bourbon sometimes.  Pork, sometimes with pure apple juice. 


I also spend a fair amount of cooking time trying to break down flavors into amounts and techniques which can be formalized into the "perfected" (funny word for it) recipes I write. 



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Thanks you for the reply BDL


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