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Greetings from Down Under!!

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Hi All,

Im Mim.. I am a motel owner/chef with 14 years experience in cooking professionally..

i live in central Queensland & own a rather busy (well chaotic at the moment) motel with restaurant, bar, conference room & 22 units... 

I am always on the hunt for inspiration as I get bored easily & have been known to change my menus with only a couple of days notice!!! Lol!

Cant wait to get to know you all... When I find 5 seconds to stop that is!!!!

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Hello Mim! Welcome! Sounds like a busy place that you're running! I'd love to know more about your menus, and the sorts of food that you're working with in Queensland....are you near Cairns?

"The satisfactions of making a good plate of food are surprisingly varied, and only one, and the least important of them, involves eating what you've made" - Bill Buford, Heat


"The satisfactions of making a good plate of food are surprisingly varied, and only one, and the least important of them, involves eating what you've made" - Bill Buford, Heat

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G'day, Mimmogram and welcome to Cheftalk.


We have a number of Aussie and Kiwi chefs and home cooks on the site - and our membership is from around the globe.  I'm Scots, but visit Australia to see family every couple of years (we alternate:  they come here one year and we return the visit the next).  We were due to return in 2011, but with a daughter's wedding in Greece and my Aussie niece marrying in the UK in 2012, it will be the year after.  We LOVE Australia, although I must admit that as a fair-skinned red-headed Celt, I can't really take the heat.  I adore Sydney, but that humidity gets to me.  I've only visited your end of the country once and I have to say that it was a really beautiful state.  We've eaten in some of the most amazing restaurants in Sydney, other NSW areas, Melbourne (my favourite aussie 'foodie' destination, bar NONE!) and I'm amazed at the strides in Aussie foods since I first visited over 30 years ago!


The wikis, blogs, articles, reviews and photography are all well worth spending time to view - and could well be a source if inspiration for new dishes.  Feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting, or start your own in the relevant forum.  There are also three professional fora, where you will find kindred spirits, I'm sure - but please don't post only in those fora are they are read-only for those of us who are non-professionals!


Hope to see you around the boards!


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Welcome :)

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G'Day guys!! Lol


i am in the Gladstone area.. Have been at this motel for almost 3 years.. Before this, I owned a General store on the Great Ocean Road which had cafe & take away along with fuel, post office, groceries.... Let's just say I like to keep busy!!!


My latest menu, being that it's warming up just a tad... (around 35c every day..) I am keeping it all fresh and light.. Kangaroo on a char grilled veggie stack seems to be one of the biggest sellers at the moment.. I'm getting right into using Aussie native herbs etc.. Especially lemon myrtle, pepper berry, macadamias, finger limes etc... I could go on for hours!!!

We have turned the motel around from running at 33% occupancy to almost 100% in 3 years... It's been hard going & has taken a physical toll.. I'm banned from cleaning rooms (yay!!!) but the surgeon wants me to give up the kitchen too.. That will never happen!! I've worked to hard to build the reputation we now have to let someone else step in and take all the credit!!!! Lol


Thanks for the welcome.. I'm really looking forward to getting to know you all!! Xo

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im a little white redhead too... Sunburn up here bites huge time!! My poor aloe vera plants cop a hiding!!!!

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By. Margcata ( Margaux )


Welcome aboard ...


I absolutely adore Sydney´s and Melbourne´s dining ( and wine ) scene ... My older daughter Naia lives in Wellington, New Zealand for the last 5 years ... However, Mom Margaux and her sister Nathalia live on European soil, though we all hail from the heart of downtown Manhattan, at that time, the border of Little Italy and Greenwich Village.


I love the sea, and Madrid, Spain is not on the sea ... and I have  Italian paternal D.N.A. and love the sun, sea and more sun  and the sea ...


Australia kisses the camera too ... Very beautiful country ... With a new grandson on way ( Anthony Giancarlo ), in Zürich, Switzerland, we are all meeting at Nathalia´s this year ... However, we would love to drive the entire coast of Australia ... Dream trip ! 


Look forward to reading ur threads.



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