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Greetings to all to my introduction

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if you wonder what is my Avatar photo!   AHHHHH!


that could be a trivia pursuit question! it does belong to a type of veg!. a gorgious one like the flower so fine and delicate. that flower belong to a wild variety.


anyway beside that I am a Cook and a Chef. I lived and worked in UK for 28 to 30 years. all across the section of the Catering industry. and I came back to France last April. a lot of changes happen in our industry over here.


anyway How is everyone. like you found out I am a kin Herborist as well as loving to looked upon the flavours and the intricacity of the seasonings and what effect it can have on the metabolism or on the points of evolution through the years or let say the centuries.


an Indepth in what we could call evolution and the effect of been cooked!.........





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Welcome, Chef Denis! Thank you for introducing yourself. We have a forum called "The Cook's Garden" which you might enjoy; I recommend it to you.


We're happy to have an experienced chef like you with us. Our community includes chefs from across the world as well as home cooks (like me) who love to learn and explore everything about cooking and food. 


Besides the forums we have cooking articles, equipment and cookbook reviews, photos and much more. We hope you'll explore all around the site. 




Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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I will not hesitate to explore and to be active in those forums. love to share the experience and learn too from others. especially when listening to comments and expertises.


I have learnt even from  aprentices some tim or by making mistakes that became success instead of errors. or learnt by recovering mistakes.


anyway I will explore the gardens, been a kin gardener. Organic


au plaisir.


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Hello Denis

I'm Scots.  Whilst many like to denigrate Scottish cuisine, we have quite a few Michelin starred chefs here - and eating in good restaurants is one of my hobbies!



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I am sure you have and I have a friend a great friend which whom I have great memories off. a starred one.

no name because I do like him very much. I hope is well he does not know I went back to home country.


I do not rebuck nor place down any UK nor scottish foods. as I have learnt and studied the food process and how it is prepared to make it at its best.


a chef with a knowledge and the rules of olden days such the background where the chef learnt and exchange knowledge for either to learn and adapt is a great thing!.


me by the look of my present I am just a wondering and traveling chef.


I have heard some stuff since I came back from UK and my travels through the kitchens terrible!.


French should have more respect about some of the cooks and chef that I prepared foods with for the past 30 years!. I thing that many are very narrow minded!.


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French after 30 years away forget a bit about respect.


the chef mentioned in above post worked under french very good one indeed. and I encountered his master last year during an event and I have done my best to cover the unknown for them in the environement they were working into! me I enjoyed it. I had met this master cook long time ago whiles I was working for his brother. the after encountering that scottish chef of great value and heard its story of his work under french and in french country I have been touch!. then I did my best to cover its master cook in an animal evironment!


900 artichock to turn and cook the 3 star way. stocks to their standard. etc. even been called in and showed them the rules of the jungles.


respect for them to enter a world as such.


I left england after doing that stint! even if their sons where present in my own hell!.........


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Welcome! bounce.gif

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Buenos Días, Chef,


Bienvenidos ... Welcome ...


Living and working ( journalist and Food and Wine Editor ) in the centre of Madrid, Spain, though hailing from Manhattan ( born and lived ) and Vancouver ( the 1st years - maternal Swiss family ), I have travelled throughout Northwestern and Mediterranean Europe and I enjoy sharing my experiences,

"epicurean escapes" and interviewing Chefs with an interesting repetoire ... My grandmom ( paternal ) was a Restaurateur and Chef of her own Trattoria in Little Italy, thus, here I am ... Happy Holidays. Margcata.




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