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Quesiton re: cheesecake baking time(s)

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Am trying to experiment w/baking my first cheesecakes!  From a 40-year old recipe in my files, I baked my fourth, and I think it is delicious.  However, I suspect the baking time is said to bake @475º - 10 minutes; 200º - one hour; oven off for one hour.  After it cooled on the counter, I transferred to a platter, where it proceeded to run all over my kitchen counter.  So I had, actually, cheesecake soup.  I am thinking, perhaps, at that low degree of 200, I should bake 2-3 hours?  Help, please.  Thank you.

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In general, cheesecake is done when it jiggles like jello.  Did all four of them do the same thing?  Do your other baking recipes turn out fine using the same oven?

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I have done my last 5 in a water bath at 350 for a hour to hour and 15 minutes. I use a thermometer and when it reached 160-165 in the center I turn the oven off with the door slightly open for another few minutes before removing it. I also don't use sour cream anymore and replaced it with heavy cream and also changed the recipe from 3 eggs and a yolk to 3 eggs and two yolks. That fixed all my problems. I also place a thermometer in the oven as my oven was off by about 50 degrees and that could be one of your problems too. I found the 160-165 degrees in the middle was the key for me to have a cheesecake that sets right. 

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Baking time for the cheesecake I make is more like 45 min @ 325 degF with no water bath, and I leave it in the oven with the door partly open for an hour or so.


Another cheesecake I make bakes at 325 degF for 1 hour, 30 minutes in a water bath.  This one is a bigger cheesecake.


I suspect something might be wrong with your recipe if it was soup after being baked. 1 hr @200 sounds too low and not long enough, even with the 10 min at high temp.


I bake "to the jiggle' more than to the timer, but the times are generally close.  One thing you need to consider is that you are likely trying to remove the cheesecake from the pan too fast.  Cheesecake is best when cooled, then wrapped and stored under refrigeration for AT LEAST 4 hours.  Then remove it from the pan, cut, (let come to room temp), and eat.

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