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Yet another knife recomdendation request!

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Hi all,


Although this is my first post, ive been lurking on this site for nearly a year now, and have thoroughly enjoyed learning and reading much of what you guys and gals have written (in particular BDL's posts!!  lol).


So, Im really just a very enthusiastic home cook, with an appreciation for nice shiny things!  So last year i picked up a nice 17 layer domascus sakai takayuki 7" santoku.  It was and is my first and only "real" knife, a massive step up from my 50$ saneli.  Ive loved it every single time i pick it up, and am constantly impressed by it.


So now im on the hunt for a "chef's" knife or i suppose a Gyuto.  Im quite certain that a 210mm blade will feel plenty long enough, for now.  I think ive ruled out a Misono UX10, and want to get into something nicer again than my current 17 layer VG10.


I know that  BDL hasnt had great things to say about the layered domascus knives (can you tell who im hoping might weigh in on this?), and I sure do really really love the looks of the Masamoto HC.  It has beautiful lines, and ive never heard a bad review, HOWEVER, the thing is, I live in Canada, and it seems like my only choice will be to order it online out of the states.  So what I would end up doing is spending half of the price difference between the Masamoto and the 63 layer Domascus Sakai on shipping and duties and taxes.  Obviously id much rather my money go into the knife.


The 63 layer domascus knife I believe has a high carbon center, and s/s cladding.  Its 2mm at the spine, and weighs in at 205g.  These all seem like very good "stats" dont they?  Honestly if the Masamoto was available to me at the 165$ id grab one a week ago!!  But they arent.  I really like the looks of the shape of the Masamoto, the Sakai looks like a more curved blade from heal to tip.  I think i like the idea of a knife which will rock more than my santoku, however i also appreciate a nice flat heal for more contact area on the board.  The thing is, for all i know, it could be a shorter knife being shown in the photo... or just a slightly distorted photo or something...  again a downfall of internet shopping.


Im sure the question will be posed, so ill attempt to answer it.  Ive been practicing my sharpening on a 1000grit wetstone, and i have a ceramic 3000grit "steel".  I intend to take a knife sharpening course in the new year, and when i buy this knife (which ever i go with) ill pick up a 3k or 5k grit stone for once im feeling more comfortable with my sharpening skills.


So theres my epic first post, and ill thank anyone and everyone in advance for any replies i get.



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you can get the Masamoto HC directly from Japan (rather than the U.S.A.) -- from JCK.  Last I checked it was a flat $7 shipping to the States. Is JCK's cost of shipping to Canada not as good as it is to elsewhere?

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