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Memorable Kept Secrets Around Europe & New York City

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By. Margcata - European Based.



With the holidays approaching, most of us shall have some free time for a trip to visit friends and family afar ... and / or to catch up with our loved ones or just to travel ... Where to is the question for a memorable clandestine restaurant ? Please share your U.S.A. experiences too.


According to the International Webster Dictionary and the Oxford Bilingual English and Spanish 2011 Dictionary, clandestine is defined as " kept secret ", hence, the restaurants mentioned ( not the dishes themselves ) are not very well known, as they are not overly advertised or marketed and are located in unusual settings.


Sort of like " off the beaten path", these venues are quite enchanting to the senses. There are many more however, one has just so much time for " blogging ".  



Here are mine :


My suggestion in Spain, is Bajo de Mar in San Sebastián, in the Basque Country. Why go ? This restaurant is located in an aquarium, so the ambiance is as if you are snorkelling under the sea and a sense of summertime ... The ambiance, candles, and the feeling of being in a crystal submarine all add the atmosphere for those who love the sea and its world. Chefs Jesús and Mikel Santamaria prepare many seafood dishes including: the shellfish ravioli with prawns drizzled with a light almond sauce.  


Another wonderful clandestine restaurant is Skippers in Edinburg, which is tucked into a harbour wall and the interior was a bedecked theatre and poster museum. The specialties we shared were the fresh Oysters on the half shell as they need nothing in my opinion except a chilled white wine and we downed 2 dozen of them,  the light and fresh Dover Sole and the fresh Salmon with a rosemary butter.


Whenever we are In London, we have enjoyed The Ebury Wine Bar which has wines from all over the winemaking world by the glass. One of the loveliest Thai restaurants we have been to in London is Bangkok.


In the Madrid Capital, nestled in an antique shop, non visual from the store front, this charming shop, features an intimate 10 table by reservation only restaurant is Asiana serving splendid elegant Thai, Japanese, Peruvian fusion with southeast Asian evolutionary touches. This is unforgettable. Bilingual Chef Jaime Renedo has lived in Peru and the U.S.A. in addition to having travelled to Japan, Thailand and India to design his bill of fare.


There are a few more venues I would like to mention ... One is Ristorante Amalfi, located in the zippy zesty Zürich, and serving unbelievably splendid Amalfi Coastal cuisine. Another highlight of this city is cosy candlelit Hotel Bar Roselli. This is one of the loveliest rustic woodsy and lakeside settings in the city. The bill of fare focuses on wines by the glass from the world´s designation of origins and the specialties here are: The Proscuitto D´ Palma, The Regional and International Cheese Platters ( I am a cheeseaholic ) in addition to a wicked Cheese or Filet Mignon Fondue.

To move on, there is a lovely Spanish restaurant called La Bodega ( The Winery), tucked into a palatial building dating back to 1782 in the historic district, which my daughter Nathalia had found when she first moved to Zürich during her University years as she was doing her German and Italian Masters, which is surely a combined merging scene from Jaén, Spain´s olive country and Galicia´s Rias Baixas. The best part is that they host an incredible array of Spanish tapas and Spanish wines by the glass or bottle. The owners are from Jaén and have been residing in Zürich since the end of WWII.


On the other side of the wide blue pond ( The Atlantic ), there is Restaurant One If By Land, Two If By Sea, on Greenwich Village´s Barrow Street off 7th Avenue South. Of course, the intimate candlelit venue is lovely, however, I have not been to N.Y.C. since Spring 2011 and due to my father´s passing away ( he was 94 )  and timewise, I was not on a vacation. It was a quick flight over to support my elderly Mom. There is also an Italian venue called Ristorante Felida´s which is absolutely phenomenal. Also located in Greewich Village, she even makes her own Pasta varieties by hand, including her potato gnocchi. Lovely lady and fabulous food.


What are your favorites  ...






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I'venever eaten a meal clandestinely in my life.

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