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Estimating Modeling Chocolate Amounts

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How can I figure how much modeling chocolate to make? I'm cutting strips of it to create "pleats" around the sides of a large cake. I realize how thin it's rolled makes a difference. I'll be rolling it 1/16" at the most. I thought I'd make chefpeon's recipe using 3# of white chocolate, but I really have no idea how far this would go. Can anyone help? Thanks! 

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thisi all covered in strips of modelling chocolate, ALTHOUGH, I used Wiltons Candy Melts, which is way better to handle than white, white chocolate..  I made this for a competition..  These modelling chocolate strips are so easy to handle and never cracks or break..  It really depends how big your cake is going to be..  Better to have more than not enough or just enough..  You can always use the left overs.  I used Wiltons Candy Melts though and corn syrup.. They handle much much better.



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Thank you! I actually did my cake 12-17, but thankfully I had JUST enough for what I was doing. I used 2 lbs. of the candy melts and corn syrup you suggested and they were easy to handle. This was my first time to use this medium and I think I rolled some of them too thin, but it was a good thing since I ended up with only of small ball left over! You can see what I did with it in my album "Crew's Cake". 


That's a beautiful cake you posted! Did you roll the edges on a piece of foam to ruffle them? Thanks for the input. It's good to know what the pros use, and I'm always open to learning new recipes and techniques.

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