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What a whirlwind!

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Oh my gosh!  It has been so nuts the past, what? 6 weeks?  My brother-in-law pasted away while my husband and I were traveling through California.  When we got the call from my sister, we just dropped everything and went to their place in LA.  It took almost a month to be able to get all of the necessary paper work in order and fly to New York with her and our Mother to have a service with his family. 

The lesson learned was, make sure that you have EVERYTHING in order.  My husband and I learned during all of this that even though we have a will, in the state of Arizona you MUST have a trust in order to keep from going into probate.  So you know what we did when we got back! 

Life is starting to get back to a semi-normal pace for us once again.  My Mother just let us know that my sister will be coming out here to spend Christmas with us, that will be good for her.  We look forward to hosting my family at our home.  Let the meal planning begin!!

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Yes.  Estate planning is important.  It's uncomfortable to think about, but really not that bad in the doing.  So, do it.  And assign a durable power of attorney, while you're at it.


Trust, ordinary Will, or...? 


If you have more than a few bucks you should talk to a specialist.  My advice is to neither seek nor take legal advice from Chef Talk. 


That said, one of the profound truths of The Law in the US is that as long as something isn't a problem, it isn't a problem.



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You know it BDL!

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