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Hello, My Name is Isaboe

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I thought it high time I said hello. I signed up several months ago and have been reading this forum off and on, along with some of the articles; I guess I've decided to stay as it were and so will introduce myself.


I'm a new sugar artist in the greater Houston, TX area. I came to sugar pulling and blowing last year after taking a class locally. I was hooked to say the least! I also do some cake design and decorating.


I've loved food and cooking all my life (who here doesn't?) and have been cooking at home for almost 20 years. While I cook everything, my special love is pastry, followed by bread and desserts.


I used to be a nutrition consultant, teaching people about food and how to cook and eat. But people were more interested in me cooking than learning it themselves. To keep myself occupied while business was slow, I followed my own interests in cooking, expanding my knowledge by taking local cake decorating classes, where they also offered other things like airbrush and sugar pulling.


I recently started my own business, creating sugar art for decoration in my home studio, as well as making special occasion cakes for a small but dedicated clientele. While I half-fantasized about being a pastry chef much of my life, I decided against it after seeing what it takes to be a professional chef – I don’t have it!


But I’ve always been an artist – acrylics, oil pastels, photography – and sugar pulling suits me on many levels. In fact, food in general fulfills me on many levels; I’ve always said that food very neatly combines my love of art and science. And I really do love all aspects of food. Besides the artistry and all of the many psychological aspects food touches on, I love learning about food in many other ways; history/ sociology/ anthropology/ archaeology; chemistry/ biology/ microbiology/ anatomy/ botany/ zoology/ agricultural sciences;  food even makes things like economics and world finance interesting to me. Astrophysics is about the only science I can think of that food can’t be applied to directly, but of course it is important to space exploration because those astronauts will need to eat something!


As you can see I tend to prattle on, so I will stop for now. I look forward to learning much from everyone here, and hope that I can contribute something of worth to this community.

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Hello and welcome to Cheftalk.


We have a number of pasty chefs on the site, as well as many enthusiastic cake decorators, too.  I love to bake - it's something almost in the DNA of most Scotswomen!


Feel free to join in on threads you find of interest, or start your own in the relevant forum.  There is a forum for culinary students - as well as three for professional-only posting, too.  The wikis, blogs, articles, reviews and photographs are all well worth spending time to view.


Hope to see you around the boards!

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Welcome aboard ... Let me introduce myself ... I am Margcata and I am a working and publishing journalist, wine, food and travel editor for the oldest English magazine abroad, in Spain, however, I hail from Manhattan ... Like Houston, Austin and San Antonio very much ... I have lived in Vancouver, Canada during my primary school years ( maternal side was Swiss and they emigrated there ) and my paternal Italian DNA was posted in Little Italy where my Grandmom Margherite was a Chef and Restaurateur, so therefore, the epicurean escapes ... I love to interview chefs with a fine repertoire. My mom was a phenomenal baker in her day ... she is 95 ... I just love the fragrances of cinammon, apple, blueberries, wild cherries, and chocolate coming from the oven ... With this in mind, do see my recipe Brownie Cheesecake and let us see some of your specialties in the recipe section.

Happy Holidays,

Margcata  ( Margaux Cintrano )

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Hello and welcome! I've always been a big fan of the sweet side of the kitchen, but my forte lies on the savory side. Regardless, I still like to dabble in the pastries from time to time.. ;D

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well hello welcome. it seam that practice is a must on sugar pulling.

for my first wedding english one, I practice about pull sugar roses, and made over 300 roses all different style that is great side of sweet, for my wedding cake. great lines that sugar work hard on fingers nut we all get use to it!.....


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Thank you all for the warm welcomes. It's always nice to know that so many others are as enthusiastic about food as you yourself are!


Funny you mention cinnamon, cherries and chocolate Margcata, I'll be baking my Holiday gifts this week which include my own recipe for Choco-Cherry Cookies as I call them; they're basically a spicy oatmeal cookie with a tart cherry, dark chocolate and hazelnut overload. Maybe I will be as brave as you and post it in the Recipe section!


You're right Denis, sugar pulling does need lots of practice, but funnily enough it's the one thing I never have trouble finding time to practice! I'm in my sugar studio several times a week whether I have a customer order or not. I know what you mean about the hands - my calluses are coming along fine!


Thank you all again, I look forward to getting to know all of you!

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