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Underdone christmas pudding

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I made a christmas pudding from a Rachel Allen recipe I found on the internet and it said to steam it for 3 hours.  Other recipes I've looked at say it should be 8 hours.  What should I do to rescue it? I can't afford to throw it out and start again.  Please help

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Hello Aggie

I  made all my Christmas puds and Christmas cakes a couple of weeks ago.  I ALWAYS steam the puds for 8 hours and then, when cool, put in a dark place, tightlty wrapped in an airtight container and 'feed' weekly with alcohol.  On Christmas day I re-steam for about 2-2.5 hours, although some in my family don't re-steam, but cook in a microwave (not sure how long).


Maybe Rachel Allen's recipe is a 'light' version of the traditional pud?  If so, then it might not need to be steamed for so long.  I've only ever used my family recipe, but I have eaten a Delia Smith recipe pudding a few times, as a friend makes them to her recipe.  She also steams it for 8 hours.


Until you find out whether it was a missed line, or a less rich, intense mixture, I'm not sure what to recommend.  Is the mixture still sloppy and uncooked?

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No it's not sloppy at all but I can't tell if its cooked enough.  I wonder if I should steam it again?

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When did you first cook it?


One thing that might help you find out if it is very undercooked is to use an apple corer to take out a plug of the mixture from the centre (do it from the wide part of the pud that would be hidden when you serve it!) - and taste....    My one reservation re re-steaming it for another few hours is that IF the Rachel Allen recipe is a lighter version of the traditional style puds (lots of her recipes are, to minimise stodge - I've got a couple of her books myself!) - then you might be really over-cooking the mix.  How long does she recommend steaming onChristmas day?

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I made the pudding on Tuesday last, the 29th December. How would I find out if it's meant to be a lighter pudding?  it seems to have pretty much the same ingredients as other puddings that give cooking time as 7 or 8 hours. I wished I'd looked at other recipes before I chose hers!

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I made the pudding on Tuesday last, the 29th December...

Could the problem lay with your calendar?


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Some versions which are usually for eating after only a couple of days use less fruit and altogether less ingredients!


If you have a look at a couple of other recipes and, broadly, they are the same as Rachel Allen's...  then my gut feeling would be to think that no-one proof-read her stuff before putting it on the net!  I'd certainly do what I suggested - and then, if the mixture is still 'uncooked' looking, steam it for at least another 3 hours (total of 6 including the original 3 hour steam).  Check again and if it seems ok, just make sure you give it a good steam on Christmas morning!


Isn't it MADDENING when you spend hours and money doing a recipe and then find that it has been typed incorrectly?  I found that with a couple of recipes from early Nigella Lawson books!

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I meant November, obviously. All this stress.................

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