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Does anyone have a great all purpose, or a cake recipe for a gluten-free consumer or reccommend a good brand?


Thanks in advance.




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GF cake mixes? too expensive for what they are ..


Simple GF cake recipe with homemdae GF flour blend alternative



As a prospective GF baker, it is necessary to understand two points:

1. always check ALL ingredients for gluten is all it's forms [wheat, rye, barley]

2. cross-contamination and trace-contamination at "kitchen-level" is the major cause of "glutening" in GF consumers ..



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What are you lokking for? just a quick mix? try king arthur's GF chocolate cake mix, or use their AP glutenfree flour mix in your recipes. as Auzzi said cross contamination is the biggest issue in most non GF kitchens. Pm me if you'd like way too much info on GF baking/cooking.

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Thanks guys,  I am trying to learn more about this and wife is trying. I tried thickening with a roux using rice flour. I couldnt believe it worked not as thick as the normal roux but trying to think of different ways to thicken.  Is maltodextrin contain gluten? i find mixed reviews on it.



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WOW. For all the things culinary-wise that I convince myself that I'm an expert, G-F aint'e one of them. After looking at the "L'O'L" Vanilla Pound Cake recipe provided by auzzi, I'm not better off for reading this thread. That's a good looking recipe. 

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try sweet rice flour. doesn't have to cook as long as a traditional wheat flour roux. or cornstarch.


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