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Lemon glazed icing

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 This isan icing that ccame from my grandmother.  I had it but my little dog liked the card and chewed it to pieces. It was made in a double boiler with egg whites lemon and sugar.  It is like the glaze on a doughnut but is made with citrus fruits.  Does anyone have any idea where to find this recipe?

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Good Afternoon,


I have a recipe for a chocolate glaze, however, the ingredients could work with lemon or other citrus fruits ...


Here it is ...

1 half cup whipping cream

one half stick butter unsalted

2 tblsps light corn syrup

1 tsp vanilla extract

*** 8 ounces of chocolate semisweet chopped * see my note about lemon curd jam marmalade and lessening quantity in number 3 below ...


1. Bring the first 3 ingredients to simmer in sauce pan

2. remove from heat

3. add vanilla extract and chocolate ***  * I am wondering if lemon juice or lemon Curd could be used ... Lemon curd, is a British marmalade jam product ...

4. stir until smooth

5. let stand and cool 20 mins. and glaze the cake spreading with spatula to coat top and sides


Keep me posted. I would like to know if the lemon curd would work, as this is a good possibility as it is thick and very fragrant ... I might try it with less than 8 ounces or it could be too citrusy.  


Websites ... or may have a recipe for a lemon glaze for cakes


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My Mom had given me her Cake and Cookies recipes in a lovely book some years ago, and here is what is noted for an orange glaze, which could replace one citrus fruit for another ...


The juice of 2 lemons and the zest rind grated ... with the sugar confectioners.


Best of luck in your search.

Margcata and happy holidays.

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