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Looking for quality 18/10 SS Brand

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I purchased Cruisinart Multiclad Pro thinking it was 18/10 steel like All-clad, but cheaper. Apparently these pans USED to be 18/10 but after calling Cruinart up... they have "upgraded" their pans to a different alloy so that they work on induction stoves. Well that is nice and whatnot, but knowing that 18/10 is more durable... I am thinking about sending those pans back. And quite honestly, I am a bit peeved that these pans were advertised as 18/10 on Amazon when in fact they aren't.


Now I am thinking of purchasing all-clad. But, I read in several threads that Tramontina Tri-ply are essentially the same quality of all-clad because all-clad's patent expired. But seeing how an 8-piece set runs around $150... I am a bit doubtful they are the same quality of all-clad.


What I care about is quality. I am looking for 18/10 stainless steel with an aluminum core. Should I simply go with all-clad, and pay their premium price, or do other brands offer the same quality?


Thanks for the help!


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Check out Volrath's Tribute line.  The handles are much more comfortable.

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Cuisinart describes them as 18/10 as well. And they probably are. 18/10 only refers to the Chrome and Nickel content, not a specific steel. It's usually one of various 300 series steels which are generally non-magnetic.


For induction compatibility, they usually add a magnetic layer in the core, not in the cladding. I think your concerns are misplaced.


Tramontina tests well in side by side tests.  Tramontina is usually only 3 layers. All Clad is currently marketing theirs as 7 layers. I've read nothing that leads me to believe it performs better.


I'm very pleased with my TRamontina clad ware and disc based pots and pans. Also they perform well on induction.

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Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
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The thing that got my attention was the fact that their was no mention of 18/10 steel on the box; this is very unusual, as 18/10 steel is a huge selling point. Not to mention, their old pans used to be stamped with 18/10.


I then looked on Cuisinart website and noticed some products in the MCP line mentioned 18/10 while others simply say stainless steel. For instance, the 2Qt sauncepan makes no mention of 18/10 while the 3Qt saucepan does.


Thus I investigated further and was told that they were "upgrading" their line and that they couldn't guarentee all the MCP products had 18/10 steel. They also mention they weren't responsible for how other websites (Amazon) advertised their products.


Then I read this:


"We just recently became aware that Cuisinart no longer brands their cookware as 18/10, nor does Calphalon for that matter - two of the biggest producers of cookware. In fact, a representative from Calphalon contacted us recently to let us know that we needed to change our Calphalon Tri-Ply review because we mentioned 18/10 and they no longer market their products as such." from



Overall, I got the impression that they have been slowly changing their multiclad pro line over this year. Some pots may be of the same quality people purchased years ago while other pots have been "upgraded." But from what I understand, there is no reason to not have 18/10 steel in the interior, and that 18/10 steel is desirable.


Combined with the fact that most negative reviews seem to be recent... I decided to stay away from this product.


Quite honestly, the MCP pans felt well-made and had nice handles (I didn't cook with them). But I decided to return the product because I felt like Cusinart did some bait-and-switch.... not to mention, I have no clue what I am buying.



Vallrath, Viking, All-Clad etc are all very open about what their pans are made out of.

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