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Hello from Boston

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Hello all


I'm not very good with intros but here's a few things about myself. I'm from the east coast (obviously) and have lived here all my life. I love the ocean and the cool weather and can't really think of living anywhere else. I'm an engineer by day (for over 20 years) and musician by night (over 30 years). Cooking is yet another hobby of mine. I was generally introduced to cooking by my grandmother, but mostly everyone on my mom's side of the family are really good cooks, including my mom. None of us have had formal training other than my grandma, but we're all very passionate and willing to put in the time and take risks to try and produce great tasting food. There are certain recipies that we have shared, but mostly have our own styles and recipes. I have quite a few close friends and frequently have dinner parties where I do all of the cooking. All of my friends, including my wife would rather eat my food than go anywhere in the Boston area. I'm sure it's partly because it's free (because we all know there are some great chefs around here) but I get enough compliments to know I do pretty well (how else would I know?). Anyhow, I know I have a lot more to learn and I'm really excited to talk to the culinary experts on this forum, but most importantly, to be among a group of people who are as passionate as I am about the art of cooking!





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Hello and welcome to Cheftalk.


I'm from the east coast, too - the east coast of Scotland, that is!  Our membership is global and all levels of culinary ability are on show here - from, those just starting to cook to masterchefs and all stages in between.  I fall into the 'very enthusiastic amateur' group!  Like you, I was introduced to cooking by my grannies and my mother - all more than good cooks, my Mum, especially.  We travelled around the world and she was a magpie re incorporating foods from other cuisines into our daily foods, as well as keeping true to our own great culinary heritage.


Feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting on here or start your own in the relevant forum.  The professional fora are read-only for those of us not currently employed in a culinary capacity, but still make very interesting reading.  If you spot something there that you would like to discuss, just ask your question in the relevant discussion forum and it'll get a myriad of opinions, I'm sure!  The wikis, blogs and articles on here are well worth looking at, ditto the equipment reviews and the photography.  All great inspiration to members.


Hope to see you around the boards!

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Welcome aboard. I am a native Manhattaner, living, working and publishing magazine articles, interviews, my epicurean escapes and reviews in the gastronomic, wine and travel sections of a major English magazine catering to the Embassies and Expats from North America, in Madrid, Spain for approx. 16 years. 



Similar, my paternal Italian grandmother owned and operated the Kitch in Little Italy and I could still smell the aromas of her Bolognese from her kitchen ...  I am revamping her recipes too ...


I am enjoying my new found hobby, blogging ... Look forward to reading ur penned works.


Happy Holidays.




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Hello all - nice to see so many diverse people with similar interests - FOOD.

Margcata - just a thought but how about posting a link to your blog in your signature line.  Would love to see what you are writing about and maybe in your blogs you can link some of your past magazine articles.


I too am a native New Yorker - have lived (+ traveled) in a few places around the world, such as London, Jerusalem, Bali, West Coast of America, am a boutique caterer and culinary fashionista.  I also run a professional on line private catering group called caterbuzz and currently run 4 blogs - 3 for my own catering business and 1 for the professional group.


you can check out one of my blogs here


I love to travel and  enjoy, explore + discover new (to me) foods and cultures.  Am particularly enamoured with southeast asia but seriously love to explore markets in any country or area.  They are my "museums".


Have to run now, holiday party prep awaits.  The smells of freshly baked cookies, bacon, roasting meats are filling the air in our kitchens. Yum.  Happy Holidays to all.

Chef Tigerwoman

Stop Tofu Abuse...Eat Foie Gras...
Chef Tigerwoman

Stop Tofu Abuse...Eat Foie Gras...
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I just received your email and you sound like quite an interesting lady too.


I am going to check out your website however before I do, here is my older daughter  Naia´s  website: ( I am the Spanish Correspondent for it ). She and her husband and the 2 kids are based in Wellington, New Zealand.  


I actually write for the oldest expat magazine still in print and not online -- it had begun in 1958 and was the only English language magazine in Spain -- Its readership includes the embassies ( about 350 of them ), diplomats, business owners ( Coca Cola, Microsoft, Dell, IBM etcetra ), the tourist offices, the major Hotels, langauge academies etcetra.


The reason it is not online is quite simple. We had a meeting regarding getting online and becoming XXI --- however, the Managing Editor, the Publisher, and the rest of us who have been writing for the magazine for years, are not that Internet savvy nor do we want to sit at desks all day and work online.


We manage computer literate skills, however, do not know how to feed in the articles nor the photos. Our Graphics Designer, can do it, however, he does not want anymore work as he freelances many publications here in Madrid. So, it is complicated. We have decided to hold another meeting on the topic in January after the holidays.



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I had taken a look at your Santa Hats yesterday and just wanted to let u know that the twin 6 year olds and their cousin were enchanted ... Since, I promised to show them how to´s !  They have my whole visit booked with culinary classes at the age of 6 and 5 ... ha ha


Lovely lovely website.


Thanks for sharing.


Could you kindly explain about " posting links " -- do you mean Twitter and Linkedin ? I am a member of these two. Facebook too however, I prefer the professional side of things when you have a free moment .  Kindest. Margcata

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