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Haitian Ragout

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Does anyone have a recipe for traditional Haitian Ragout? It's one of the best dishes I've ever had and there a no restaurants in the area.

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Good evening,


I am sure where you are from however, there is a popular and fabulous Haitian restaurant in South Miami Beach, Florida called TAP TAP ( on 5th Street ). My parents used to have a winter condominium close by and so when I would visit them, I would explore the restaurant scene of South Beach.


Perhaps you could contact the couple that own it.


Another suggestion: due to the earthquake of 2010 and all the problems they have on their island, the Tourism Board of Haiti could be a good source of information on their gastronomy. With the assistance of the U.N. and other European ONGS ( non profit organizations ) they are trying very hard to " re-vamp " the island for tourism, I had been told by a dear friend who works for UME, the Spanish Military Section of Airforce and Rescue Workers.  



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Interesting suggestions... and quite good. Thanks!

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Thanks. It just came to me ... TAP TAP was alot of fun, and I am very adventurous gastronomically.


Let me know how it works out.


Do some research online too ... Creole perhaps ? Criolla ? Caribbean ---

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