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Are these coats worth the little extra money? I have had several other coats and while they seemed to be alright none really impressed me. I have never worn Bragard coats but from what I have read they seem to be of a hire quality then Chefworks or Chefwear coats.

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Bragard is definitely name brand. They make everything abroad and their quality is actually not great. There are a few companies that make in the US like Cayson Designs and others. Check them out. They are incredible customer service & fabric is built to last. Good luck.

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I worked for a chef that swore by them.  He even stole(liberated) a couple coats from when he worked at the Bellagio he enjoyed them so much.  Where we worked our coats we're provided for us and were not bad, but he still wore his Bragard.

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