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The Kings´ Ring ... Roscon de Reyes ... Spanish Tradition 6th January

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The Kings´ Ring, a simple cake, called Roscon de Reyes, is prepared by all Spanish Bakeries, including Baker José Fernández´s Bakery Nuno´s in Goya Barrio ( neighborhood ) ... This is a true childrens´ delight, as there is a present inside the sponge ring ... For the children in all adults, have fun ... Though not my fave dessert, this is for The 3 Wise Men wishing you a Happy Holiday ...


*** see my new logo photo ... I love tomatoes however, I wanted something that was not a duplicate of another member´s blogging. Had quite a time with this new fangled netbook of mine.


*** Note: Photo - Arrow down


Ingredients ... Photo of 3 types: Chocolate, Traditional and Strawberry with Cream ...  


2 bowls large

4 1/2 cups unbleached flour and sifted

25g yeast

3/4 cups of mixture water and milk of equal parts

2 eggs

6 tsps sugar

6 tsps butter

1 tsp water

1 tsp Brandy

1 egg white

Candied fruits, sprinkles, chocolate chips and dried fruits for decoration

2 Coins of choice and currency


1) Preheat 350 degrees farenheit

2) Mix flour and add pinch of salt in one of the bowls

3) In the 2nd bowl, mix the yeast, water with milk and add to flour mixture

4) Blend well to make a thick smooth batter that is a bit sticky

5) Grease baking sheet and line with parchment paper, this is optional for some

6) once the dough has risen and doubled, knead the dough again and roll into a sausage shape

7) Place the roll on greased sheet on baking sheet and connect the ends to form a ring

8) Sprinkle dried fruits and chocolate chips, sprinkles and / or dried cherries and toppings and bake until golden brown 35 mins or so  

9) cool on window and  hide 2 coins in baked dough 

10) When cool it is customary to slice open in half the ring and place whipped cream and place the top back on ... Put in refrig to set should you select this option.  

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   Margcata, you've inspired me once again.  My buddy's having a Mardi Gras themed SuperBowl party, with plenty of NoLa cooking.  Now I'm not much of a baker, but I think I may try my hand at a King Cake.  I'm going to put together some ideas and see how it goes.




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@ Dan Gone Fishin, ( Thursday 20.00 hrs. )


Firstly, I am writing to you to thank you, feel a bit honored ! ...


Pleased that u our finding such a traditional Ephiphany yellow cake, The King´s Ring to be your next baking project ... Acutally, there are 3 main styles:


1) the traditional with coins inside ( with sprinkles and / or gummies on top or dried fruits & nuts )

2) the strawberry and cream filled ( as the ring is cut in half and filled with cream and replaced on the bottom half and chilled. )

3) the chocolate version with sprinkles and chips on top ( and this can be filled with marscarpone ! )


ENJOY, it is always a pleasure to hear from you.


All my best,


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    Well...we'll see how my artistry is, LOL!


  The last King cake that I had was in NoLa, from Sucre'  





Since we're having NoLa themed food, for the SuperBowl party, I'm going to stick with the purple (justice), green (faith) , gold (power) colors.  I'll be interested to see how my "creativity" turns out.  I've looked at some examples of other king cakes, made by home cooks, and they aren't that nice.  But, it should be fun to see how things end up lol.gif


    We'll see!


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   It turned out okay.  I made a number of mistakes that I would do differently, but I'm not making another one tonight!  I did get some pearl dust decorating dust, which I sprinkled on after the colored sugars.  That was a mistake, I wish I had put it in the would have had just the look I was trying to get.  The shape, etc...I think things turned out okay, would do better next time.  I did make a double twist, each twist being filled with a cream cheese filling.  It was fun, but this was more like making bread than cake.



making my first king cake


King cake



Thanks again Margcata!



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@ Dan Gone Fishin,


Buenas Días,


Fabulous color significance ... Violet or purple is the color of royalty ... Green of the earth ... and Gold  ... Baking is an art unto itself. One can be a super Chef, and not be able to bake. Practice, I believe it shall come out wonderfully. I believe in what u do with positiveness, and love, always turns out. Perhaps, some type of " decorations " on the top --- sprinkles, candies, chocolate chips, icing, dried fruits, nuts, and do not forget the coins !!! 


Let me know how it turns out ... All my best for a Happy Super Bowl Day. We are going to a favorite Sports Bar ( large screen tv´s ) to watch as from home, we are unable. So it shall be Tapas Hour ---


Thanks so much for posting the fotos. Needs the decoration on top --- whipped cream and some fresh fruit ( berries ) or sprinkles, candies -- sort of a Game for the gents and ladies, and coins could be placed on top too ... The 3 Wise Men brought tiny gifts, and thus, it is a dessert steeped in historic roots.  You could put the candies for example in a little paper wrap and put in the top, sticking out a bit --- each person picks a gift !!! Candies, like choc bars, lollipops, does not have to be Gourmet --- just fun. Some coins, a quarter, or dime or pennies ... bubble gum etc. LIKE CRACKER JACKS ... plastic figurines, soldiers, cowboys, Indians, animals ... etc.






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   Thanks for the advice Margcata.  I'll get some coins and other "gifts" to put on the cake before the party.




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@ Dan Gone Fishin,


I had also wanted to mention, ur dough looks super ... great job ... I am sure it is going to turn out fab ... We all get nervous when preparing a party or event ... Calm down and have a good glass or chilled beer or a  Spanish  red wine !!!


Happy Superbowl,


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  Wow!  I'm not really a person who makes cakes, and I'm not really a person who likes cakes all that much.  But this, (to me) was more of a bread.  Like I said, I made a double braid with a cream cheese filling in the middle of each...the flavors really were very good.  Who knows...maybe I'll make a cake again someday :)  The food turned out well, but my cake decorating abilities leave some things to be desired, lol.  


   It was fun...thanks!


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