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Greetings from Austin, TX!

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Hello everyone!


I grew up in the restaurant industry until joining the USAF, then got into the computer industry after I finished that. I'm now a home cook with a big interest in Southwestern cuisines, that is, the foods of Texas (beef bbq, Tex Mex, and country cooking), New Mexico, and what I call "Border Mexican."


I am also in the process of learning the crafts of butchering and charcuterie. I hope to someday open a small butchershop/diner that reflects some or all of these interests--don't know how exactly, just yet!

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Hello - lots of the membership here have similar interests re the food and charcuterie aspects of your love of food, so you'll find lots of interest in any topic you care to introduce!


The membership here is wide, both globally and in terms of culinary expertise.  I fall into the category of 'extremely enthusiastic amateur', but we have those who are just absolute novices to masterchefs.  The wikis, blogs, articles, reviews and photography gallery are all well worth spending some time to view - and also a source of much inspiration for many of us.


Feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting, or start your own in the relevant forum. Please note, though, that the Professional fora are read-only for those of us who are not employed in a culinary capacity (but still make interesting reading....!)


Hope to see you around the boards.

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Happy Holidays and Welcome Aboard ... 


I look forward to your penning ... 


Though I hail from Manhattan, I love the southwestern USA, though I live and work in the Capital of Madrid, Spain ... 


I have a dear friend from San Antonio ( though born in Mexico in La Sierra de Monterrey ) who owns 2 fabulous Taquerías, El Charro and Todo El Mejico and he opened the oldest Mexican Restaurant in Spain in the late 1950s while he was posted in the Military here in Torrejón Airforce Base. Ventura Rocha Criolla is also a published author and wonderful gent ...  


I love the varied cuisines of  Mexico and had lived there during the late 1970s, in Mexico D.F. and Jalisco. I prepare Mexican from all corners of the land too, though I am 1/2 Italian and 1/2 Swiss, I was raised in Manhattan ( paternal ) and Vancouver ( maternal ).  


I am sure you have some lovely recipes for stuffed jalepeños with prawns ?


In September, I interviewed Caterer and Chef, the Julia Child of Mexico, Susanna Palazuelos in Acapulco ... Lovely lady ... Her book is amazing, La Herencia de La Gastronomia Mexicana = The Inheritance of Mexican Gastronomy ( see cookbook section ).  


Happy New Year ...  



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