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Pre Cooking a Turkey

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I have a medium sized full turkey butterfly - (5kgs) - and I need to cook it together with potatoes and veg and other items for 28 people. The problem is i have only a small cooking area and limited availability to the ovens! is the folowing possible and safe?

To place the turkey in an aluminium roasting pan with a little water and cover completely with foil. Cook slowly for 3 hours or so on about 150C the night before I need it. Keep the bird covered and allow to cool naturally but NOT refrigerate. The next day put the bird back in a pre-heated oven (still foil covered) at 200C for another hour. then remove the foil and cook for a further 30 mins to colour and brown the top etc.

Any advice most welcome please.

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Cook the Turkey until done, cool the turkey, break down the turkey in serving size pieces and refrigerate over night. Put a little broth in a pan, layer the turkey, cook up to 160 degrees, hold at 140 degrees..............


Always fully cook a Turkey, and break down to smaller size pieces so they cool properly..............



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Chef Billy


Many thanks for the quick and informative response. Newbie on here and very impressed with the service!


Merry Xmas and thanks again.


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