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Scallops for a Christmas Crowd?!

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Okay, so I'm a newbie to this wonderful forum and by no means a professional..but in need of help in searing U8 (large) sea scallops for a Christmas gathering of 12.   I've done it before for two but never for twelve.  I know most of the basics as in:  HOT cast iron pan, clarified butter/oil, not too long on each side, plenty of space between....but I've got a do I possibly serve them hot/fresh with this many guests???  All of the side dishes will completed and the Filet Mignon roast will be resting before sliced...but I need help in the presentation of the scallops without serving them individually!   Any help greatly appreciated!!

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You need two skillets, each large enough to cook portions for three people.  So, you're going to go out and buy one or two new skillets. Cast iron is not a necessity.  A heavy skillet is nice, but any decent quality skillet will work well with a thorough preheat. 


You'll be cooking in batches.  When you cook, offset the batches -- starting the second batch on the first batch's turn.  That way you'll have a flow going.  Get one of your guests to plate and schlepp to the table, so your flow isn't interrupted. 


You don't need to wash or rinse between batches, but plan on taking the skillets off the heat after the first batch and wiping them clean.



Hope this helps,


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Thank You so much for your help.  I have a couple large water-less skillets that should suffice.  I can get my daughter to do the running :)

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