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Just watched the finale of The Next Iron Chef. Both Chefs made something they were calling peppermint snow using candy canes. It sounds like it was some type of molecular gastronomy. Do any of you know how I would go about making it? It looked great.

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I tried to find what it looked like and couldn't find much. Was it just pepper mint sprinkled onto the dish? Was it foam? Did it look like caviar? I could tell you how to make it if you give me an example. 

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I saw that episode and I am pretty sure it used Tapioca Maltodextrin.  It is pretty easy to work with, it comes in a super, feathery-light powder that you mix with an oil or fat based item, then it will turn to powder.  I have done it with melted chocolate, olive oil or peanut butter.  Just put it in the food processor and keep adding the maltodextrin until you get the right consistency.  They may have either added crushed candy cane or just peppermint extract to the base (chocolate would make sense here).  

Here is a site that will provide more detail -

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I thought that she used Powdered sugar, the peppermint candy and some olive oil...

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