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I'm a Culinary student from Scotland, stumbled upon this forum and thought it'd be a great chance to talk to other Chef's and get to know a few little tips here and there!


So, hello! :)

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Hoo's yersel'?!

Welcome to Cheftalk - we have members from around the globe - my home town is Edinburgh - where are you based?  We also have a couple of other Scots on the board, but who post infrequently nowadays due to pressure of work.


We have a culinary forum here where you will meet other students and get helpful advice from chefs, if you need it!  The wikis blogs, articles, reviews and photograph gallery are all well worth spending time to view.  There are three Professional fora but they are read-only unless you are currently employed in a culinary capacity (but still make interesting reading!)


Hope to see you around the boards.



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I'm from Fife, doing professional cookery at Elmwood College in Cupar, working right up until my HNC then going to see where it takes me.


I've had a quick look through the professional forum, they're pretty interesting. :)

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I love the East Neuk, know St Andrews very well.


I hope you enjoy reading and participating here.

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