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Culinary Internship Opportunity

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I am in my last semester of culinary school at the Great Lakes Culinary Institute in Traverse City, MI, and although I do love the city and the amazing local produce that is available here I need something bigger.  I am currently searching for a place to do my internship  and am hoping that it will lead into the start of my career.  I was wondering if anyone has any insight on what cities are booming right now in the culinary world and possibly any restaurant recommendations.  I have no preference  of cuisine as I love all types of food and have some experience will many different cuisines.  I am extremely hard working with 16 credit semesters and a full  time line cook job so I am aware of the grueling schedule and low pay that is accompanied with a starting position.  Thank you very much for your time and consideration





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I live in Texas and I find Austin, Texas to be a good place to start...there are SO many restaurants there so I bet there are more opportunities to gain experience in a variety of cuisines. The culture in Austin is also very laid back and consists of alot of college students

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Have you thought about interning abroad? Interning abroad is a mind expanding and broadening opportunity. You will learn new culinary culture including techniques, foods, ingredients, flavors, menus, presentation, history of cuisine, and the food trends in that particular country. I am the founder of Student Chefs Abroad. I place culinary students and recently graduated culinary students in exciting internships in England's award winning restaurants. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of interning abroad I would be happy to expand on this.

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