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Apple Sorbet Recipes

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In College tomorrow we've not got a restaurant day, so instead of cooking from a menu for the public, we're getting to make what we can from certain ingredients.


a kind of vegetable soup for a starter

using a chicken leg with some kind of sauce and veg for a main

and a dessert using canned apples


I was planning on doing an Apple Sorbet with the canned apples with a blackberry or raspberry coulis, so I was wondering if anyone could point me towards a recipe that uses canned/sliced apples, I can only find them with apple juice.


Could I just put them in a pan with apple juice, lemon and salt and simmer? or would I best just using the apple slices as a garnish? (I have to use the canned apple)





TL;DR, apple sorbet using canned apples, help?


Thanks. :)

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Canned apples to make sorbet? Aaaaarrrrggghhh, what on earth are you talking about?


Get some Granny Smith apples. I'm sure you have access to a juicer in your school. Juice the apples and immediately pour through a paper coffee filter. If you don't do this, the juice will turn brown soon. Squeeze a little lemonjuice in, add sugar to taste, make sure all sugar dissolves. Take a few tbsp of that preparation and heat a little. Put gelatinesheet -soaked in cold water- in it a rato of 2 sheets per liter of juice. When the gelatine is dissolved, pour into the rest of the preparation. Put in an icecream machine. Done, it cannot get more basic than this.


A sorbet is not served with a coulis, it stands on its own.

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Can't use whole apples, Tutor is trying to make it challenging, or something, has to be canned, much to most peoples annoyance.

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It seems like your professor has been watching too many episodes of "Chopped" lol.gif


I like it though!  It will broden your horizons and challenge you to cook amazingly with sub par ingredients!  Just GO FOR IT! licklips.gif

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