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Howdy Y'All

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Just kidding, Newbie from Texas here. Let the questions commence. LOL

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We're a pretty catholic bunch here, ie from around the globe and all levels of culinary expertise - which all makes for interesting conversations!


The wikis, blogs, articles, reviews and photographs are all well worth spending time to view.  There are professionals-only fora where you can chat to those who are in the same boat as you - but I hope you won't only post there, as they are read-only for those (like me, for instance!) who are not working in a culinary capacity,


Hope to see you around the boards.

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Cool I'm realtively new here too and from Texas too!  I reign around DFW, you?

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awesome, ima newbi culinary student from right above Texas in Oklahoma! I am trying to find a recipe for a flat iron steak entree to impress judges at a pro-start competition that my team is entering. any suggestions?

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