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Valentine´s Dining ? Where to ?

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Any plans for Valentine´s Weekend ?


As the holiday falls on a Tuesday, the weekend of the 11th ( or the 18th - rates are better ), our plan is a drive over to Duoro Wine Country in northeast Portugal, not too far from Salamanca, Castilla León Province, where one of Spain´s oldest Universities was built.  


We are deciding upon a choice of two Pousada Hotels located in the zone and are going to do a wine course, offered to all guests and enjoy a horseback ride, our shared hobby. One is located in an unspoilt valley called Pinhao Douro and is situated between a river bank and the mountains. The hotel is an XVIII manor house.


The other is nestled in the town of Amarante, 60 kilometres from the stunning small city of Porto. This historic hotel was built in XVI and is 45 minutes from the Douro Valley. ( In English and Portuguese )

This Hotel - Restaurant network specilaises in authentic historic building inns through out Portugual.


We are exploring the options for the 11th and / or 18th ( better rates).




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Wow that sounds really romantic! I have visited Salamanca and it is an absolutely beautiful town, and the wine there will be fantanstic, I am so jealous!


does anyone know of any good deals for valentines weekend? I think my budget is a bit lower than yours Margcata, btu i got engaged this year so it would be ncie to do something special. 

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@ Beginner Chef,


Thanks for ur note. I am pleased to hear that u have travelled to Salamanca, Castilla León, Spain ... Lots of history in this part of the Iberian Peninsula. Were u in Madrid too ?

Barcelona ? When I was in Salamanca, I had also been to Ciudad Rodrigo, 11 km away and stayed in a XIV circa reformed Castle ... It was lovely.


I live in Madrid Capital, so of course, I do not have to cover flight costs to go to Salamanca, which is about a 2.5 hour train ride or bus ride or drive and I believe, you are probably alot younger than my two married daughters ! 


May I ask, where do you live in the USA ? I am quite well travelled, and I believe I was born with wings and wheels !  I travel to the USA yearly to see my mom and brother and nephews and 3 dear old lady friends who reside there. They are divided amongst 5 states so I do travel quite alot, when I am there ...


Romantic restaurants in the USA ... there are many I could recommend ... drop me a line on where in USA ?  I have lived in Italy, Greece, South America and Mexico as well. This past year I had gone to Brazil which has quite an extraordinaire gastronomic indigenious culture. Sensational fish and tropical fruits. 


Best of luck on ur engagement !!! Good News ... I truly wish u all the very best !



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I am also looking for recommendations for Valentines weekend, looks like this is the place to be!


I am living in Versailles, Kentucky. So we were thinking of pretending we were young again and going on a road trip either to Louisiana or Georgia, which are 2 states I have somehow never visited. So if anyone hears of any nice restaurants or hotels that might be worth checking out let me know!


And congrats on the engagement!

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Congrats on your special engagement ... Best of luck to you both. Thank you for your lovely note.


Georgia or Lousiana ... It is like: Gone with the Wind Museum, or New Orleans ... tough choice !


I would go where ever it is warmer and sunnier !!!











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Warmer and sunnier sounds absolutely amazing, I want to escape the rain! Did you go this weekend? I hope you had an absolutely fantastic time, it sounds like you definitely will! After a lot of discussion and looking at what was happening in our city on Groupon, it sounds like we will be going for a meal in the evening (we both work during the day) and then going for a drink in the same cocktail bar where we met, which will hopefully be a very nice evening. 


Margcata, yes I have been in Spain quite a bit but sadly have so far missed doing Madrid and Barcelona. But I know Cadiz and Seville quite well, and spent the most beautiful weekend in Ronda, Andalucia is such a beautiful area and the town which is probably one of my most favourite places in the world. 

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