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My feet are jacked. I have flat feet and big problems with my metatarsal getting inflamed from crappy shoes. I tried dansko clogs and they worked well for it mostly but left me with numbness in my big toes. So the next pair I bought were MBT shoes from the walking company store. MBT's have been absolutely amazing! If you have issues with your feet please try them. They are like nothing you've ever walked in. It's a rocker type shoe and I have zero problems with them. I'll be buying several other MBT shoes this year because of their engineering and comfort. Highly recommended by me.
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I work with hundreds of chefs within a year and have had a number of shoe discussions (despite what a few other chefs stated on this site, shoes are important to chefs).  Just passing on what I have been told regarding some of the brands mentioned here.

Mozo= Never had them but 2 Execs I work with wear them and are totally loyal to the brand.  I am trying these next.

Birkenstocks = i have had Londons and loved them, hard to find with anti-slip sole these days but lasted me 8-10 years.  Birkis are nice but tend to wear out quicker

Dr Scholls = lasted 1 year. Need I say more?

Doc Martens= if you don't have foot problems, you might after a few years in these.  heavier people tend to have more issues with these.

Shoes for Crews = they sell a value product and I have heard good and extremely bad comments but honestly I can't remember ever hearing great things. I had a pair of clogs from them years ago, I hated them.  Fell apart quickly.

Keen= owned a pair about 6 years ago and the anti-slip sole wore out fairly quickly, other than that they were awesome. have heard that the soles are better now.

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Just a pair of comfy and flat black shoes will do it you don't have to use safety shoes, as long as it's non-slip and comfy you should be fine, most places want black shoes though, you don't need nothing expensive like people tell you here. Just don't go too cheap spend like 20 - 25 on them as the shoe material starts getting better around that price.

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I'm wearing sketchers go walk range they are very comfie and non slip
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I like birkenstock london clogs.   They are expensive ($150), but Ive had mine for 3 years and they are still going strong.   They are really comfortable.

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I've been on the Dansko Pro for quite a while. Once I switched, I found that it alleviated a lot of my foot, leg and back pain.

However, I have received a couple of crap pairs that hurt my feet. They are not all created equal, even though they should be.

Dansko has a 1 year warranty and I have returned at least 3 pairs over the past 6 years.

I could never work in squishy ugly Crocs.

I would like to try out some of the Birkenstocks though.

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the lightest, most comfortable, non slip you can find

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Croc Bistro's for me. I felt like writing the Croc Co. an appreciation letter after one shift of wearing them. They have excellent non slip soles and are roomy, but not overly roomy, which allows your feet to move around naturally. Highly recommend them to anyone who have not yet tried them. I got mine from Shoe Carnival, I got two pair buy one, get the second pair half off. So for around $60 I have two pairs of highly comfortable shoes which are easy to clean and hopefully last a long time.

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I'm wearing Dansko Pros right now.  I have a bad back and problems with my hips and knees and these are really comfortable.  Wore Birkenstocks when I worked in a hospital for years & years - these were super comfortable as well (even after 14 hour shifts) but I couldn't find any this time around so I bought the Danskos instead.  




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I currently wear Mozo. I have two pairs which have lasted me about two years with no sign of wear other the scratches an scuffs, but the seams and soles are still strong. They come with their own in soles. Very light shoe, switched from wolverine which were the heaviest shoe I've worn. Mozo also have an incredible nonslip sole.

I have had a few chefs that worked for me wearing crocs, they look pretty silly, but always say things like "it's like walking on clouds."

Personally wont be switching from mozo anytime soon.
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I bought a pair of these last month off amazon last month and have been using them with my beat up Brooks walking shoes for work. They are really nice. Almost all the benefits of a custom orthotic but for $30 us.

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Lol those funny looking shoes they look comfy too although not sure how your feet would benefit if you spill scolding water on them, shoes that cover your feet that water can't seep in is usually better as if you end up dropping a baking tray with food and scolding water in it you will burn your feet badly.

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Dansko or Brasko ( swedish version)  I love both they suck until they are worn in after that unbeatable in my book. 



Dansko's are the best shoes..once you break them in, but are pure torture up until. It took me about 2 good months to break them in good, and now I can be on my feet for hours in total comfort. It's that hard leather band across the top of the top foot bone that hurt the most, once the leather softens up, the leather conforms to the shape of your own feet, thus creating an almost custom made shoe.


Shoes for crews are the worst.

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one's own relations.”
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“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one's own relations.”
Oscar Wilde



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Nobody has mentioned it yet but NAOT is by far the best shoe I've ever bought, cooking or otherwise. The acronym stands for national association for orthopedic therapy and while they're not necessarily made for cooks they are oil and slip reseistant. I started out with awful ankles, unable to walk at the end of the day but after a year and a half they've done wonders for me. I literally feel better after working a service in them. Not cheap at $180 but worth it if you're already dealing with pain mgmt.
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Have you tried the Toffeln EziKlog - best that i've tried - can get from lots of people online - can't get me out of them!

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my skechers non slip work shoes have been great
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I use Nautilus skudbusters and Superfeet insoles. The Nautilus shoes are comfortable and durable and not too expensive($80); they also have the best no slip sole i've used. The insoles are for my plantar faciitis, but everything more comfy too. Strangely, I've never met anyone else that uses these wonderful shoes, and have to buy them on amazon.
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Strong bump

I guess to jump in the topic- I bought a pair of slip on clogs from Walmart for $19, the brand is Tred Safe. Going on 7 months with them now, size 13. I'm a tall, muscular dude, so I'm packing some weight(about 245lbs currently), these are the only shoes that have lasted longer than a 3 or 4 months. I got them because my grill cook has had his for going on 11 months now

I bought some gel soles for them just in case and they're great. You can even send them through the dishwasher biggrin.gif
I can second this! Great shoes!
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I love my danskos. I was having lots of back pain and would easily pull back muscles. I stopped wearing shoes for crews and switched to danskos, mainly to look more professional. The first two weeks my feet hurt so bad because the shoes were tight. In the long run I feel so much better. I am on my feet all day and my feet are hardly ever sore.
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I swear, the $18 kitchen clogs I get from Walmart last 2 years, never get my feet wet, never slip, and never hurt my feet.

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I tried Doctor Scholls for a day. -They were the most uncomfortable shoe I've worn, and the most non slip resistant (any shoe would have done as good). I brought the Scholls back the next day and got the cheapest ones at Walmart and they were so much better. Shoes for Crews are comfy and have great slip resistance, but start falling apart in about 6 months. Sketchers have ok slip resistance and are comfortable unless you're very flat footed to the point that your would be arch wears against the edge of the insert. Sketchers are the most durable shoes I've worn, and the ones I will probably go back to despite the flat foot issue.

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Yeah, I had a job that required me to use Shoes for Crews and I swear they ruined my feet for several years.

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I am a pretty big guy about 220 and i wear shoes for crews whereas one of my first jobs had required them and they have been successful ever since good for about 8-12 months working 80 hours a week 

Hope this helps 


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I had my shoes for crews for about two years before the left shoe's sole started coming loose. You might just have had some bad luck.

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Oil resistant, non slip bottoms, comfortable  these are main issues.

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Over 50 years in food service business 35 as Ex Chef. Specializing in Volume upscale Catering both on and off premise .(former Exec. Chef in the largest on premise caterer in US  with 17 Million Dollars per year annual volume). 
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Chef EdB
Over 50 years in food service business 35 as Ex Chef. Specializing in Volume upscale Catering both on and off premise .(former Exec. Chef in the largest on premise caterer in US  with 17 Million Dollars per year annual volume). 
      Well versed in all facets of Continental Cuisine...

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Jalas makes some great, ergonomic and durable kitchen wear. I just bought a new pair, having the last pair lasting 3 years. For 60 euros it's not a bad deal at all. However I don't know if they're available in whichever country you live in. Internet-order's are naturally possible.

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Hi chefs
Any shoe recommendations for and flat footed chef? My orthopedic insoles are OK but I do need some extra lift tohelp me power through the day

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I have only owned one pair of birkies and hated them. My last pair of croc bistros lasted almost 3 years. They didn't make my feet stinky with or workout socks. And after a few 12 hour shifts they'd almost molded to the shape of my step. I've bought other shoes and switched right back to my trusty crocs waiting on my new pair of croc bistro pros to be delivered now. I've heard there even better than the originals. I'm dying in my shoes for crews till then
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Having flat feet and heel spurs, I would be almost in tears at the end of the day in SFC. My doc recommended Birkenstocks so I bought a pair, sweated through the breakin period (roughly 2-3 weeks), then it was like a miracle happened! I can work a super long shift without excruciating pain. My feet may get tired, but they don't hurt. Birks are the way to go.
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