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I'm allergic to greasy elbows......

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I'm allergic to greasy elbows......but that's why I like this forum I think.


I am a Devonian Period Dish Dog that crept up the ranks and evolved to the various ranks of "Chef" despite my untimely departure from culinary school. I am the son of a Chef and grew up in the industry at an early age. I've seen more trends in risotto than most of you've seen in pop music. I look forward to learning something new every chance I get but I have little patience for tomfoolery and shenanigans. I am more comfortable with a knife in my hand than a clipboard but I've never been cut by a clipboard, yet. I am the first to get dirty and the last to leave. Consequently I am the first to grab a shift drink and often the last to arrive (I schedule it that way these days).


My point is that I've been around for a while, I'm grouchy but not too pretentious and I'm finally reaching a comfortable period in my lifelong career as a "not too perverse feeder".


In short I'm a southernfriedfrancofreakfromsoutheastasia and its good to be here.

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I'd be allergic to them, too, if I ever allowed my arms to get that deep in greasy suds!


Welcome to Cheftalk,


Our membership is broad, from around the globe - and all levels of culinary ability.  There are three professional fora on the site, as well as one specifically for culinary students where they can get help from those who have more years under their belt in the culinary trades!


Feel free to join in on any thread you find of interest, or start your own in the relevant forum.  The professional fora are read-only for those of us who are not employed in a culinary capacity, so please don't only post there, as those of us who are lesser mortals would not be able to ask questions about anything you post in there!


The wikis, blogs, reviews, articles and photographs on here are well worth spending time to view.



AScotwithawideappreciationof worldcuisines-wellsomeofthem-nottookeenonMexicanfoods!

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Thanks Ishbel!


I look forward to my time here and hope to help any way I can.


Maybe I should start things off with sharing my recipe for Tortilla Leadbelly Surprise. No? 

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Whilst it may not appeal to my palate...  I'm sure that some of the other members would be DELIGHTED to peruse the recipe of your charmingly named dish!


Now, can I interest you in a plate of haggis, chappit tatties and bashed neeps?biggrin.gif

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