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Love to Bake

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Hello special people. Look forward to a great experience here at Chef Talk. I hope its a place of learning as well as sharing...

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Welcome Redjeepbear! This IS a great place to learn and share. I'm a home cook too, and after about 11 years here, I know I can come here any time and pick up new information on ingredients, dishes, techniques, etc. While we mustn't post in the professionals' forums, we can read there and post in all General forums. Don't overlook the archives, cooking articles, photo galleries and more. 


I love to bake too. My favorites are cakes, brownies and little pastries called rugelach. My avatar is a photo of a plate of them. I also love savory cooking, and love to taste new dishes and ingredients wherever I travel. How about you?


I hope you visit often to learn and contribute. Enjoy!


Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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Hello All.


I have after many years decided to follow my dream - to become a pastry chef!  I am studying part time at the moment, and baking up a storm at any given moment.  I am hoping to be able to study full time in June or January next year, but in the mean time I am loving my new life.

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Tortina, welcome to you as well!

It sounds you are very busy and have a lot on your plate (tongue.gif pun intended, HA!)

There are loads of bakers, Professionals as well as Home Cooks who are as passionate as you are. 

Take advantage of the Student forays, I’m sure that you could get tons of support there. 

We’d all love to see photos of some of your creations, you can add them to the gallery. 

If you have questions in regards to the site, PM one of the moderators. 

Most of all have a good time!  ALOHA!

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Thank you for the warm welcome bounce.gif  I look forward to the constant learning of this most amazing love - to bake!  I am opening my own little business and am desperately looking for a catchy name for my cupcake/cake company .  Any ideas?  Was thinking of :

"frosted delights", or "dazzling delights", "dolce confections". ....  .chef.gif

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