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Crepe Recipes?

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I am looking for crepe recipes so please if you could help


Thank You smile.gif

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Welcome to Cheftalk Power,


There are some very good ideas in this thread if you would like to read it. Of Course there are many others if you would like to use the search bar.

Any other questions , just ask.




Réalisé avec un soupçon d'amour.

Served Up
(168 photos)
Wine and Cheese
(62 photos)

Réalisé avec un soupçon d'amour.

Served Up
(168 photos)
Wine and Cheese
(62 photos)
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Crêpes are a unique way to begin a day with breakfast in bed and / or as a brunch ...  


Crêpes de mel y mató al aroma del Gran Licor de Torres ( Crêpes with Honey & Ricotta Mató with aromas of a touch of brandy )  ...


Here is my relatively simple recipe :


1/4 litre of milk

25 to 30 grams of sugar

100 grams of flour

2 large eggs

50 grams of sweetened butter

20 grams of Raisins

20 grams of Pinenuts

200g of Ricotta ( mató ) ( mató is ricotta with honey )

50 grams of honey ( I use honey with orange zest )

Brandy: Gran Licor of Miguel Torres Winery ( available in worldwide: )

Extra virgin olive oil: 100% hojiblanca and / or another variety which is very delicate extra virgin olive oil

whipped cream


1) Marinate the pinenuts and the raisins with the licor ( 15 minutes to 20 minutes )

2) For the crêpe dough: mix the milk, sugar, eggs & flour well ( electric mixer or by hand )

3) To Make the crêpes: take an iron sartén (  skillet ) and heat 1 or 2 tblsps of the extra virgin olive oil in it. Place the divided " raw dough " in the skillet

4) Mix the Ricotta with the raisins and the pinenuts to place into 1/2 of the crêpe ( like a  moon shape ) and fold over the other half of the crêpe dough when slightly cooked  

5) Flambé with the butter, and the Torres licor and cook until golden on both sides

6) Then:  decorate with the honey and dried fruits ( and fresh berries if you wish or fresh tropical fruit ) and place the whipped cream in a decorative shape on plate


Serve with a Mimosa ( Champagne and Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice ) and  an espresso or capucchino ...    




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@ Petals,


Your repertoire & portfolio of photos are just wonderful.


I enjoy doing crêpes for the gent. I have posted my recipe with a twist of the French and the Costa Brava Catalan ( Cadaqués ) region of Spain.


I had finally mastered getting my quote with fotos on my posts !  Thanks for your note I had saved.





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